Yoga with Olga Chanturia 
started practising yoga 13 years ago, I was immediately impressed by positive effects it had on my body and mind. Being certified by ADEPS, member of Belgian Yoga Federation, since 2015 I am specialized in therapeutic hatha yoga of Krishnamachariya tradition (  Being adept of this traditional yoga branch adapting posture practice to one’s specific needs I work on the individual basis and provide group sessions.  
Krishnamachariya hatha yoga has a long tradition in India and was brought to the West at the middle of the 20th century.  To reach the best healing effect this yoga approach constantly incorporates breathing technics (pranayama) into the posture practice.
Managing the breathing is crucial to reinforce stress resistance and to get maximal benefit from postures.  If you feel tired, need to change your mind or to better know how to manage the stress then it is probably a right time for you to join our sessions.  For more information or to register please contact Olga by email:
Tuesdays                     11.00-12.00
Tuesday lunchtimes   12.30-13.15
Wednesdays                14.30-15.30
Wednesdays                15.30-16.30
Evenings                      please email

Massage & Reflexology

  • Sports/Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology - we are delighted to welcome Maitre James Cam'rone specialist in therapeutic massages, reflexology and destressing treatments including Burnout and Migraine treatments. James is at the studio on Tuesday evenings/Thursdays/FridaysFor full details click here.
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