Lead by Olga - Krishnamachariya hatha yoga incorporates breathing technics (pranayama)in the posture practice.   If you feel tired, need to change your mindset or  to learn how to manage stress then come and join our sessions   Open to all ages and Wednesdays afternoons are open to teenagers/students.  For more information or to register contact Olga by email:
Tuesdays                     11.00-12.00
Tuesday lunchtimes   12.30-13.15
Wednesdays                14.30-15.30
Wednesdays                15.30-16.30
Evenings                      please email


  • Geny is at the studio and offers a range of relaxation and essential oil based massage treatments.  She is at the studio Tuesday/Thursdays/Fridays
To select your massage and TO BOOK - press the GOLD button or email

Cranio Sacral Massage

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