We are delighted to propose a number of Wellbeing services to complement our pilates training including 

Massage & Reflexology

  • Sports/Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology - we are delighted to welcome Maitre James Cam'rone specialist in therapeutic massages, reflexology and destressing treatments including Burnout and Migraine treatments. James is at the studio on Tuesday evenings/Thursdays/FridaysFor full details click here.
  • Essential Oil/Hot Stone Massage - we also welcome to our team Astrid Tabart, specialist in relaxation massages using hot stones, essential oils and herbs. Astrid is at the studio on Saturdays. For full details click here

Plus Astrid proposes

  • manicure
  • pedicure (beaute pieds) and varnish
  • facials/soin visage ... consult the full list here

TO BOOK - press the GOLD button or email studio@bepilates.be

Cranio Sacral Therapy - Colum Slevin

Our Partners include